Reviews of the Washington State Driving Test Premium Course

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  1. This course prepared me for exactly what would be on the Washington state drivers test! I scored 96/100! Thank you. This was very helpful in calming my test anxiety.

  2. This course exceeded our expectations and totally helped at the skills test, got a 96%. Done so in a way that absolutely engrains in your head the key points needed for good scoring. Thanks for making this available. Definitely worth the money.

  3. Great course! Well worth the money!!

  4. I took John’s course and passed my driving test with a 90% on the first try. The course goes into very good detail on the most critical aspects of the driving test, and John’s emphasis on good vision was one of the things my examiner noted on the test. Pay attention to what John says about good vision; this course will have you pass the driving test. This is great work, John; thank you for putting it together and helping me pass the test! I highly recommend this premium course.

  5. Easy

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Nine video lessons that show you exactly what to do on every part of the your Washington state drive test.

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