Washington Driving Test Tips

Backing around a corner and looking out the rear window.

Backing around a corner on the Washington state driving test

Well, it looks like it’s time to write a post about backing around a corner. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this one, so here goes. If you’re taking a driving test in Washington state, you’ll have to back around a corner This is called the backing maneuver or just simply “backing”. The

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One way street sign with green tree branches and blue sky

Washington has the hardest driving test in the US

KOMO News recently reported on a study by Siegfried and Jensen, which says that Washington state is the hardest state in the nation to pass the driving test. They based their evaluation on several sources of information, including information from the Washington DOL website and the Washington Driver Guide (PDF). What the study looked at

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What is the brake reaction test?

Before you start your Washington state driving test, the examiner will have you do a brake reaction test. This tests your ability to safely and quickly stop the car. This part is pretty easy to do, but it helps if you know what to expect. How does the brake reaction test work? For the brake

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How to Change Lanes on your Driving Test

Changing lanes is pretty easy on the Washington state driving test, there are only a couple of things you need to remember. Whenever you change lanes, you need to do the head check procedure to check your blind spot. Here’s what you need to do: Turn on your turn signal Check your side mirror Look

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How to do a Complete Stop on your Driving Test

You have to come to a full and complete stop on your driving test. If you don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light, it’s an automatic failure. In a complete stop, there is zero movement. In other words, the car is completely at rest. It’s not going forward. It’s

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Check your mirror on your driving test

Using Good Vision is Key to Passing Your WA Driving Test

Jake was sure he passed his Washington driving test. Parallel parking… Nailed it! Backing around the corner? He could have done it with his eyes closed. Jake had failed his first test, and since then he had put in a lot of time practicing. Last time he was winging it. This time he knew what

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“Hi, I’m John. I’m going to show you how to pass the Washington State Driving Test.

I'm a Master Examiner, and I used to train driving examiners for DOL. I also did “check-rides” with examiners to make sure they were delivering the test properly. Over time I realized that the whole thing could be simplified. If you follow a few simple rules and procedures, and get plenty of driving practice, passing the Washington driving test is easy.

I made this website to help people prepare for the driving test. I hope that it helps you."
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